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Miele Allergy XL Pack GN (8 Bags, HA50 HEPA Filter)

Miele Allergy XL Pack GN (8 Bags, HA50 HEPA Filter)

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SKU: 11214190
Year Supply of Miele Type GN Bags and HEPA Filter with the Miele GN XL Pack.
  • 8 Genuine Miele Type GN 3D AirClean Dust Bags
  • 1 Genuine Miele HA50 HEPA Filter
  • Bags and Filters for S5000, S8000 and Complete C3 Series Vacuums.

Packed with 8 Type GN 3D Efficiency AirClean dust bags and a high efficiency Miele HA50 HEPA filter. Stock up and save on your all vacuum consumables.

Genuine Miele Type GN dustbags trap particles large and small in a thickly cloth constructed self-closing bag. A Miele HA50 HEPA Filter will scrub out harmful allergens and particles as small as .3 microns 99.97% of the time before they are exhausted back into your home's air.

The Miele XL Pack (GN, HA50) fits these popular models: 

Complete- Brilliant, Marin, Cat & Dog, Kona, Calima and more. 


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